Orange Saltwater Croc Headcover Set

Orange Saltwater Croc Headcover Set

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Product Description

The Orange Saltwater Croc Headcover Set is the newest headcover style that we are adding to our Exotic Headcover Collection. These well padded headcover have a Saltwater Material on the front with a plush black fur on the inside and back. The belt interior color varies from run to run. It could be Black, or Tan.

**If you are buying a belt, please let us know what size waist you are!

This head cover set is similar to the headcover sets we send out on tour and we want everyone to have a “tour” look to their golf bag. Don’t want a whole custom headcover set? Check out our individual custom head covers here.

There are millions of possibilities, so choose whatever you’d like and we will gladly help bring your product to life. There are no limitations when it comes to Ecktron Performance Headcovers. This headcover set is a PRE-ORDER and will be shipped out within 3-4 weeks.

All of our headcovers are made out of durable, quality materials that are waterproof and long lasting. They are made with quality fur and offer great support and protection to your prized golf clubs. Although these are not true authentic hides, we can provide you with almost anything. Just send us an email and we will more than happy to help you with whatever you would like.

If you dont see what you like, we have the option where you can build your own custom headcover set. Choose from different headcovers to make your own: Driver, Fairway woods (3 or 5, or both), Hybrid, Putter: Mallet or Blade. YOU choose what color material, YOU choose the thread colors, text, fur, velcro or magnetic.. etc. The concept is: you customize your headcover how YOU want it.



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